Social Media in Cape Town, better managed and utilized

Social Media in Cape Town, better managed and utilized

Rangers Reserve

Rangers Reserve

Rangers Reserve, located just outside Touwsrivier, is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking adventure and a deeper understanding of conservation efforts. The reserve is bustling with various exciting activities, all aimed at preserving the fauna and flora, as well as the water sources on the farm.

The reserve’s team has gone to great lengths to level and contour the land, ensuring that water flows in the right direction and is conserved as much as possible. This is especially important in an area where water is a scarce commodity.

The farm is also a haven for the Rangers, who receive training on how to conserve the veld and protect the Rhino population. The Rangers are also taught excellent gunmanship skills, which come in handy when they are sent out to other parts of South Africa to assist in preserving and safeguarding animals that are being poached relentlessly.

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This process of forging and making blades is not only fascinating but also essential for the Rangers’ survival in the bush. The tools they use must be durable, reliable, and sharp enough to cut through thick vegetation and defend against wild animals. It’s incredible to think that this age-old tradition has been passed down from generation to generation, with each blacksmith adding their own unique techniques and skills.

The fact that some of these blades can be sharpened on a rock until they reach an excellent edge is a testament to the craftsmanship of the blacksmiths. It’s amazing how they can create such sharp edges without the use of modern technology or machinery.

Learning about the critical point at which the metal being heated becomes non-magnetic is also fascinating. It shows that even in something as seemingly simple as forging a blade, there are scientific principles at play.

When the heated blade is dipped into a special oil it has to be true north, if not the blade will twist and will then take hours to rectify.
This knowledge could potentially be applied in other areas of metalworking or even in other industries altogether.

Overall, the tradition of forging and making blades on the farm.

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In summary, Rangers Reserve is a unique and exciting destination that offers visitors an opportunity to learn about conservation efforts while enjoying various activities.

The reserve’s team is dedicated to preserving the fauna and flora, and their efforts are commendable. A visit to Rangers Reserve is an experience that you will never forget!

The alive-and-kicking tradition of Karoo hospitality is fully embraced by the dedicated owners and staff at Rangers Reserve.

We were treated to some pizzas that were handmade and fried in a pizza oven on the farm.

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